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Backpacking - Ruth Lake, Uintahs

Perfect first backpacking trip for all ages! Only a mile hike into a beautiful lake.

Directions - Mirror Lake Hwy, Kamas. Drive to Ruth Lake Trailhead. Bathrooms at the trailhead. Parking in two parking lots next to the road or on road parking.

Cost - Recreation Fee: $6 (pay cash at kiosk or FREE if you have a National Parks Pass)

Activity -

Backpacking Ruth Lake - 0.9 mile hike to lake. Slight uphill dirt and rock trail. Take rt before stone bridge (left takes you to the Ruth Lake Climbing area). Pass small pond on left to lake. Best camping on left side of lake. Second option is at Naomi Lake on rt upper side of Ruth Lake. (Make sure you camp 100 ft from water to protect the waters edge) Hang food - Bear country.

Fishing Ruth Lake - Trout mostly

Day Hike to Jewell Lake - On north-west side of lake. Trail is VERY tricky to find without a topo map or topo app (Gaia). We left cairns at the beginning section, passes Naomi lake and goes to the left of a couple ponds before dropping down into the small basin surrounding the lake. You can circumnavigate the lake. The trail follows under the cliffs on the right side.

Gear - Thin T-shirt, thin long-sleeve shirt, fleece, puffy coat, rain jacket, shorts or hiking pants, swimming suit, running shoes, hiking boots, 2 L water, water filter (can rent), 8-10 snacks, 65+ liter backpack with waistbelt, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, first aid kit, sleeping bag (warmest you can get - down is preferred) (can rent), sleeping pad (can rent), tent (can rent), headlamp, pj's, toiletries, dehydrated or backpacking meals.

Rentals (2 day) -

Tents (2 man - $13, 4 man - $22 BYU Outdoors Unlimited; 2 man - $14, 4 man - $18 UVU

Outdoor Adventure Center)

Sleeping bags (0 degree - $22, 30 degree - $22 BYU Outdoors Unlimited; 0 degree - $14, 30

degree - $10 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Sleeping pads (thermarest - $9 BYU Outdoors Unlimited; thermarest - $8 UVU Outdoor

Adventure Center)

Backpacks (85 liter - $12 BYU Outdoors Unlimited; 65 liter - $14 UVU Outdoor Adventure


Stove with fuel ($8 BYU Outdoors Unlimited; $8 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Mess kit ($8 BYU Outdoors Unlimited; $10 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Water Filter ($6 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Sample Itinerary -

Day 1:

Ruth Lake Trailhead - 4 pm

Camp and set up - 5 pm

Dinner - 6 pm

Day 2:

Hike to Jewell Lake (1-2 hrs)

Pack up and head home

Sample Meals -

Backpacking Meals
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