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Llama Backpacking - Kamas Lake, Uintas 7/28/23

Updated: Nov 19, 2023



8:00 am - Carpool

9:00 am - Krishna Temple Llama Training

10:00 am - 10:30 am - Load Up

11:30 am - Heber City Park (distribute gear to llama packs & lunch at Dairy Keen)

1:30 pm - Trailhead

1:30 pm - Group A does one side of the loop, while Group B does opposite side. Everyone meets up for camp set up at Kamas/Lofty Lake


Backpack out other side of the loop back to trailhead

1:30 pm - Head out

2:30 pm - Lunch in Heber

5:30 pm - Return llamas

7:00 pm - Home

Activity: Backpacking with llamas - 7.2 miles total over 2 days. Loop hike into Lofty Lake and surrounding areas. Each group has 3-4 llamas that will carry some of your pack weight (each one cn carry about 60 lbs).


1. $70 for llama and trailer rental

2. money for food stops and gas

3. $6 for Forest Entrance Fee


1) Shri Shri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork

2) Heber City Park & Trailer Street Parking

3) Ruth Lake Trailhead & Trailer Street Parking

Gear: Backpack (big enough to hold all gear with waist belt), sleeping bag (rated to 20 degrees), sleeping pad, tent, cooking stove and fuel, camping mess kit, hiking pants, thin synthetic pants (night), synthetic T-shirt, long sleeve synthetic top, long sleeve fleece, light waterproof jacket, medium down coat, thin gloves, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, 3-4 L water, 6-10 snacks, backpacking dinner/breakfast, first aid kit, wool socks, hiking boots or shoes, trekking poles (optional), water purifier (optional, route has enough lakes you don't need to carry much water if use water purification bottle).

Llama Weight:

*Each Llama can carry 60 lbs max.

*Each person can give the llamas 16 lbs from their packs to carry.

*We are camping for 1 night.

*You are responsible for your own food.

*There is water all along the way so you can bring a purifier to lighten you load.

*We will be weighing llama packs in Heber before heading to Uintahs. *Anything exceeding 16 lbs is your job to carry or ditch in carpool car.

*You may end up wanting to bring a medium sized pack for yourself to carry and bungee or paracord for your own weight.

*We will get trained on llama care just before trip at Krishna Temple. You don’t need to return to the temple after the trip

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