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Canyoneering - Dianas Throne (AKA The Huntress) 11/13/21

Updated: Jan 9

Fantastic beginner canyon. Took us 5 hr with 10 rappels

Activity -

Canyoneering Diana's Throne (The Huntress/Elkhart Cliffs) - 2.3 mile loop - do counter clockwise. Took 3-5 hr. 10 rappels. Two pools up to knees in November. Road Trip Ryan Canyoneering Report. All Trails Map

Hike into Canyon (30 min 0.95 mi approach - very easy to get lost - take a GPS map app like Gaia or Alltrails) - Park at pullout and walk north on dirt/sandy road about 5 min and turn rt on 4 wheeler road. In 10 min turn left onto sandy pedestrian trail just after 4 wheel road meets from rt. In 5 min, at intersection go straight. In one more minute, turn rt. In 2 more min, turn left. In 4 min turn rt and drop down into riverbed. Follow west to your first obstacle.

Canyon - First obstacle is a 8 ft downclimb. Continue west down the canyon. In about 8 min,

another 5 ft scramble drop and then first rappel.

First Rappel - 12 ft with 2 bolts/webbing/quick link (can hike around), dry. 5 ft to

second rappel.

Second Rappel - 25 ft with 2 bolts/webbing/quick link, thigh deep water about 5 ft long

(can hike around to the rt). 5 min walk to a 10 ft slide with a 4 ft jump into sand. 6

min to a 5 ft scramble. 4 min to third rappel.

Third Rappel - 35 ft slope with 2 bolts/webbing/quick link, ankle deep water about 6 ft

long (can hike around rt). 5-10 min to fourth rappel.

Fourth Rappel - 2 sets of bolts/webbing/quick link. Left anchor is a 50 ft sloping rappel

with a 10 ft walk and then another 30 ft rappel (tricky pull). Rt anchor under

juniper is an 80 ft straight cliff with easy pull. 5 min to fifth rappel.

Fifth Rappel - 10 ft with 2 bolts/webbing/quick link, dry. 3 min walk to sixth rappel.

Sixth Rappel - 15 ft with 2 bolts/webbing/quick link, dry. Followed by a 10 ft slide. 6 min walk to seventh rappel.

Seventh Rappel/Handline- 15 ft with a logjam, dry. Can scramble down if you go belly

down. There is a small rock you can step on but is not visible from above. We did a handline with webbing doubled up and then untied the water knot after to pull

webbing. 5 min to Eighth rappel.

Eighth Rappel - 20 ft with bolts/webbing/quick link, dry. 1 min to a 10 ft chimney down.

3 min to a 6 ft chimney. 3 min to ninth rappel.

Ninth Rappel - 15 ft with bolts/webbing/quick link, dry.

Tenth Rappel - 10 ft with bolts/webbing/quick link, dry. End of Slot Canyon.

Hike out to car - (15-20 min, 0.5 mi) walk west down river bed about 5 min, then turn left up sandy embankment onto dirt trail. About a 5 min hike up to the top of a sandy steep hill, then 10 min hike on moderate slope sandy trail. At dirt 4 wheel intersection, go straight, then left. Will reach car in about 5 min.

Gear - harness (can rent), helmet (can rent), canyoneering rappel device (ATS/Critter/Prana/Sqwurel), locking carabiner, thin liner long sleeve shirt, hiking pants, fleece jacket, rain/windproof jacket, light puffy coat (winter), headlamp, 2 L water, 4-6 snacks + packed lunch, handwarmers, first aid kit with small knife, sunscreen, sunglasses, light winter hat (winter); 2-65 meter ropes, 30 ft webbing, 9 quick links, locking carabiners (Biner Block or 8 block), Totem (releasable anchor)


Harness: $5/day (BYU Outdoors Unltd); $17 (BYU Outdoors Unltd)

Helmet: $4/day (BYU Outdoors Unltd); $4/day (UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Sample Itinerary -

Trailhead - 10 am

Canyoneering - 10-3pm (winter - can start earlier in spring/fall) VERY HOT in the summer

Hike In

Canyon - entering in

First Obstacle

First Rappel

Second Rappel

Third Rappel

Fourth Rappel



Fifth Rappel

Sixth Rappel

Seventh Rappel

Eight Rappel/Handline

Ninth Rappel

Tenth Rappel

Hike Out

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