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Indoor Rock Climbing - The Quarry 6/2/2022

Itinerary -

Climbing - 10-12 pm

Directions: Quarry, University Parkway, Provo

Cost - $18 ($12 if we a group of 10+) for a day pass

$5 (rent harness and climbing shoes at the Quarry)

Gear - climbing shoes (can rent), climbing harness (can rent), stretchy pants, t-shirt/long sleeve shirt, 1 L water

*Note - You may come with your own device (ATC only, harness but you can also rent it there.

It would be nice to have the gals practice the figure 8 follow through. The Quarry offers a training session of belaying as well as tying the knots. 2-2.5 Hours is plenty of time for a group.

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