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Kayaking/Hiking/Biking - Teton Triathalon, Jenny Lake, Grand Teton NP 6/24/23

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

THE best way to see the most beautiful part of Grand Teton NP - the Jenny Lake area. Explore it by water, land and bike!

Sample Itineray: (kayak, hike, bike)

Previous to getting on the water - get kayaking permits online* , AIS inspection permit decal online and in person AIS inspection of watercraft (in Moose, next to the post office or Moran, west of the Moran Entrance station - opens at 730 am)

*internet reception in the park is spotty at best, do these at home if you can

8:00 am - Arrive at Jenny Lake Boat Landing and inflate kayaks (if needed)

8:30 - 9:15 am - Kayak 1.5 miles to

9:15-10:30 am - Hike to Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point

10:30-11:15 am - Kayak back to Jenny Lake Boat Dock

11:15-12 pm - Deflate kayaks, lunch and drive to Jenny Lake Visitor Center Parking lot (or closest area)

12:00-2 pm - Bike south on Teton Park Trail and then return

Directions: Kayaking - Jenny Lake Boat Landing , Jenny Lake, Grand Teton NP (dirt road at end)

Biking - Jenny Lake Visitors Center, Jenny Lake, Grand Teton NP

Cost: Kayaking use permits ($25 per boat online - can print or wait for stickers to be mailed to you)

Kayaking AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) permit - ($15 per NON-INFLATABLE kayak - can print online - BEST option as we drove all over the park trying to get a sticker and never found one)


  • Kayak - 1.5 miles (Jenny Lake) - Start at the Jenny Lake Boat Dock and kayak north towards the waterfall at the far side. (Best waypoint is the waterfall directly to your north and then cut left at the end). You can watch where the shuttle boats stop at West Shore Boat Dock, but we recommend just pulling out to the left near the shore around here or just left of the West Shore Boat Dock here. Just make sure you come in AFTER the stream or you will have to cross it. Bring your kayak onto shore and tie off if possible.

  • Hike - Find the trail heading to Hidden Falls. If you are short on time check out the Cascade Falls instead (the waterfall under the bridge about 5 min hike from the shore). Otherwise follow th signs to Hidden Falls and then to Inspiration Point and back. 1.8 mile out and back or longer if you make it a loop. Highly suggest downloading "Gaia" trail app, as sometimes Google maps don't work in the park. All Trails Trip Report.

  • Kayak back to Jenny Lake Boat Dock (Best waypoint is the large but round mountain to the south center - kayak towards this and then you will see the dirt patch in the trees where the boat dock is as you get closer)

  • Bike - Start here and bike the paved path south as far as you want. It's 7.5 miles south to Moose and back. You are also able to lock up your bike at the beginning of the trail at Jenny Lake Visitors Center. It's about 22 miles to Jackson one way. Trail is mostly flat with some hills.


  • Kayaking - Thin T-shirt, thin long-sleeve shirt, fleece, rain jacket, shorts or hiking pants, running shoes or sandals, swimming suit, 2 L water bottles, snacks, small backpack/drybag, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, first aid kit, kayak (sit inside or sit on top - sit on top is best for beginners), paddle, life jacket

  • Biking - Bike, helmet, biking pants/shorts/yoga pants, synthetic T-shirt, long sleeve synthetic top, long sleeve fleece, light waterproof jacket (weather dependent), hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, water bottles or camelbak, 3-4 snacks, first aid kit, running shoes/biking shoes, bike repair kit, headlamp - if riding at dusk


  • Kayaking - BYU Outdoor - $25 single touring kayak/day; Paddleboard $30/day; UVU Outdoor Adventure Center - $20 double kayak/day; Paddleboard $20/day

  • Biking - Road Bike - $30/day (UVU Outdoor Adventure Center), $35/day (BYU Outdoors Unlmtd)

  • Helmet - $4/day (BYU Outdoors Ulmtd); $3/day (UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

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