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Rock Climbing - Tank Canyon, American Fk Cyn 5/28/22

Drive: Park in dirt pullout on the right (has yellow flagging on powerlines above), about 3.2 miles from the AF Cyn Canyon Fee Station.


Rock Climbing Tank Canyon - 5.3-5.8 sport routes. (Small Fry/Flopper - 5.8 was to the left) Lead Climb to chains.

Approach - trail is found north of dirt pullout. Take it to the northwest following to the left of a rocky drainage about 5-8 min then cross rt over the drainage and head back rt or downcanyon to the slabs (they are the FURTHEST south before you drop onto the road below). You can also get to them directly by parking at the next dirt pullout on the right and crossing the road north and scrambling straight up a steep dirt trail directly to the slabs (not recommended with kids or lots of gear). Climb Report.

Gear: Harness (can rent), helmet (can rent), exercise clothing, hiking shoes, climbing shoes (can rent), 1-2 L water, daypack, 2-4 snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses, first aid kit

Rentals - Harness ($5 BYU Outdoors Unlimited)

Helmet ($4 BYU Outdoors Unlimited, $4 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Climbing Shoes ($6 BYU Outdoors Unlimited, $4 UVU Outdoor Adventure



9:45 am- Trailhead and hike up

10-12 pm -climb

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