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Survival - Hobble Creek Cyn (Guide Conference) 4/16/21

Beautiful little spot with great resources to use from shelter building to edible plants in a quiet stream.

Drive: I-15 south, east 400 S Springville exit, rt Canyon Rd up Hobble Creek cyn, pullout on rt past "Cherry" Campground. Trailhead


Review 10 essentials and Survival Kits

Start Fires without lighters/matches: Flint/Steel, Magnesium/Flint/Steel, Steel Wool/9V

Battery, Magnifying Glass (tinder bundles and Char cloth are critical)

Build Shelters: Tarp (Lean-to, A -frame, Modified A-frame)


Edible Plants: collect watercress and boil/collect dandilions and rinse

Gear: survival kit, flint/steel, magnifying glass, 9V, steel wool, knife, cordage, tarp

Sample Itinerary:

Noon - Review Survival Kits

1 pm - Start Fires

2 pm - Build Shelters

3 pm - Edible plants

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