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"Because of Mt. Mamas… I am braver, more confident and strong. I am not afraid to try new things anymore. Mt Mamas, honestly, has changed my life."


 "My attitude has gone from a depressing, “I’ll never be able to do…....” to, “Look what I just did!”  These ladies are truly helping hundreds of women discover that they are capable of doing anything they want."


"What I love the most about Mt Mamas is that my children have grown up thinking & seeing that outdoor adventures are one thing women do & that being a grown up can be fun, dynamic, and full of new experiences."


"Mt. Mamas empower, inspire, and connect women in meaningful life changing ways. Through learning new skills such as snow shoeing, rock climbing, rappelling, ice climbing, bike rides, difficult hikes and more, women are able to feel empowered in tackling on challenging opportunities not only in nature but when they go back home and work through challenging situations at home, work or other challenges in their personal lives. Mt. Mamas is an encouraging, inspiring group of women who inspiring each member to be a better person and make their communities a better place. Through Mt. Mamas I’ve been able to connect with women, nature and myself in ways that would not be possible without such a great organization. I recommend Mt. Mamas to everyone from newly turned 18 year olds who are developing life skills to thrive in adult hood, to single women who need loving relationships to feel connected in this world, to empty nesters who need support in the next phase of life as they tackle new challenges and opportunities, and everyone else in between.  Thank you Mt. Mamas, from us all."

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