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Mt Biking - Canyon View Trail (Guide Conference) 4/16/21

Great Mt Biking location for all around short rides with a variety of techniques to try from steady uphill to slalom downhill.

Drive: I-15 south, east Hwy 6, rt Powerhouse Rd, left Fairway Dr. Trailhead


Review Bike parts/maintenance/change tires: At meadow 200 ft up trail up hill on the

west (edge of frolf course)

Mountain Bike Canyon View Trail: 1 miles one way (easy). Dirt trail double track from

neighborhood to base of canyon. Recommendation - when main trail heads

downhill just past the windmills, take small single track to the right for about 100 ft

and turn around in meadow. Further on, the trail is poor and overgrown.

Mountain Bike Hidden Oaks Loop / Spanish Oak Loop: 2 mile loop (moderate). 0.5 mi

up Hidden Oaks, 1 mile Spanish Oak Loop, 0.5 mile Hidden Oaks Downhill.

Gear: Mt bike, helmet, bike shoes/running shoes, bike shorts/shorts/leggings, bike shirt/synthetic athletic shirt, 1 L camel back, small backpack, bike repair kit (patches, 3 bike levers, spare tube, pump)

Rentals: Mt Bike (Front Suspension $30, Full Suspension $50 BYU Outdoors Unlimited,

Front Suspension $30 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Helmet ($4 BYU Outdoors Unlimited, $3 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center) Sample Itinerary: 2-4 miles total

8 - 9 am - Review bike parts/maintenance

9-10 am - Hidden Oaks/Spanish Oaks Loop

10-1030 am - Canyon View Trail (cool down)

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