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Hiking - Antelope Island 1/16/21

This place is amazing in winter! Who knew?

Drive: I-15, Antelope Drive Exit west to the Tollbooth, several roads on the island

Permits: Entrance fee - $15/car or $2 with State Parks Pass (road use fee)


Hike Buffalo Point: 0.8 mile (15 min one way) icy conditions about 1/4 of the trail on the

north side, but you can walk around

Hike Dooley Knob (2.4 miles): There is actually a lower loop below the peak on the east

side which had great views which we did. One gal hiked to the top and got killer sunset


Fielding Garr Ranch: Old ranch with equipment and rooms to go inside.

Wildlife: Porcupines - along the road to Fielding Garr Ranch. Look in the cottonwood trees

on the south side of the road at 2.3 miles and 4.9 miles east of the

Ranch, just after Dooley Knob/Frary Peak trailhead on the south side of road, as soon

as you see trees. We have seen them at dusk on 3 separate evenings in January

(every time we've gone), up in the trees. Easy to spot at sunset, they look like large nest

silhouettes up in the bare trees, but they are alive! Adorable.

Bison - everywhere (don't approach - very dangerous)

Antelope - saw 6 on the Dooley Knob east slope


Gear: Yak tracks/Spikes, Snowshoes/poles (weather depending-can rent), gaiters (optional - can rent), (NO COTTON) thermal top and bottom, wool socks or just not cotton socks, snow pants, long sleeve fleece, light waterproof jacket, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camelback or regular back pack (with space remaining to shove clothes in when you get too warm), 2 Liters water, packed lunch, 6 snacks, WATERPROOF boots or non-waterproof boots/shoes and also rent "overshoes".

Rentals (on your own) - Snowshoes: $10 (UVU- includes poles and overboots or $8

only snowshoes); $10 (BYU Outdoors Unltd); $10

(Out N’ Back in Orem)

Overshoes: $4 (UVU Outdoor Adventure); $5 (BYU Outdoors


Poles: $4 (Out N Back); $5 (BYU Outdoors Unltd)

Gaiters: cover ankles from getting snow $3 (BYU Outdoors


Sample Itinerary:

Buffalo Point - 1 hr

Dooley Knob - 2-3 hr

Porcupines - 20 min

Fielding Garr Ranch - 30 min

Lady Finger Point/Beach - 1 hr SUNSET

Buffalo Point

Dooley Knob

Fielding Garr Ranch

North Beach


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