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Backpacking - Mt Timpanogos, Aspen Grove 7/22-23/22

Updated: Sep 20, 2023



Trailhead (Aspen Grove) - 4 pm

Hike up to camp (Emerald Lake) - 9 pm

Set up camp - 930 pm

Dinner - 10 pm


Summit at Sunrise - leave 6am - summit around 8am

Hike back - 10 am

Trailhead - 2pm

Directions: Aspen Grove Trailhead, American Fork Canyon


Backpack Mt Timpanogos via Aspen Grove: 16.8-mile out-and-back trail near Aspen Grove, Utah. Generally considered a challenging route, it takes an average of 10 h 45 min to complete total hiking time. We headed up from Aspen Grove and camped south-east Emerald Lake (15 min follow trail) and relax for dinner. The next morning we will head for the summit at sunrise, then pack up and head down. Trail Report


- Camped south east 15 min of Emerald Lake in grove of trees. Can hang food bags here. There is a fresh water pond for filtering there as well.

- Used walkie talkies for communication - no communication available between those in valley hiking up and those near Emerald Lake until they got over ridge below lake. Phone coverage only at saddle to summit.

- On the way to the saddle from Emerald Lake, there is a critical fork in the road on the boulder field - make sure you stay high left - our lead group went down about 15 min in the wrong direction. All Trails splits into two trails - make sure you take the left/upper one.

- Also, after the saddle about 10-15 min there is a critial left turn that takes you into tight, straight up switchbacks on the rock. Don't miss this or you will get cliffed out.

- Stop regularly for blister checks, especially 2 miles from the bottom at the upper falls (usually folks are too tired to care and they can get bad). Cooling off feet in cold water at this point is also nice.

Gear: Backpack (big enough to hold all gear with waist belt), sleeping bag (rated to 20 degrees), sleeping pad, tent, cooking stove and fuel, camping mess kit, knife, Hiking pants, thin synthetic pants (night), synthetic T-shirt, long sleeve synthetic top, long sleeve fleece, light waterproof jacket, medium down coat, thin gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, 3-4 Liters water, 6-10 snacks, backpacking dinner/breakfast/2 lunches, first aid kit, hiking boots/running shoes, trekking poles (optional), water purifier

Rentals: Tent (2 person) - $9 BYU Outdoor, $7 UVU Adventure Center

Sleeping bag (rated 0-20 degrees) $14 BYU Outdoors, $7 UVU Adventure Center

Sleeping pad $6 BYU Outdoors, $4-5 UVU Adventure Center

Cooking stove $5 BYU Outdoors, $4 UVU Adventure Center

Mess kit $5 BYU Outdoors, $5 UVU Adventure Center

Backpack (40-50L) $8 BYU Outdoor, $7 UVU Adventure Center

Water Purifier $3 UVU Adventure Center

Aspen Grove to Emerald Lake

Camping south east of Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake to Summit

(critical left turn going up to the saddle)

Saddle to Summit


Emerald Lake

Hike Out

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