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Banff, Canada - Peyto Lake 8/3/22


2-3 pm - Hike to Peyto Lake

Directions: Peyto Lake parking lot, Icefield Parkway, Banff, Canada


Hiking to Upper Peyto Lake Viewpoint - Main viewpoint - 10-15 min uphill dirt trail to platform; BEST viewpoint - (5-10 min) From the first viewpoint continue on the path straight ahead of you (not the one that goes left to the parking lot). Eventually the path will split into three paved parts. You want to look for the fourth option to the right which is a dirt track. Make sure you don’t take the ones heading downhill as this will take you to the shore of Peyto Lake! The correct trail is a narrow dirt path through the forest and is virtually flat. As you make your way along the path after a few minutes you will reach an opening where you can see Peyto Lake, continue along the path until you reach the main view with a beautiful rocky outcrop you can photo from.

Gear: T-shirt, long sleeve fleece, hiking pants/shorts, hiking shoes/boots, water bottle, CAMERA

Upper viewpoint

Main viewpoint

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