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Canoeing - Lower Provo River 5/20/23

This is the perfect place to paddle for beginners! Especially when the spring runoff is scary everywhere else. Get your "Jungle Cruise" on with this awesome easy paddle. Great for kids and families.

Sample Itinerary -

Arrive and prep at put in - 8-830 am

Canoe - 830-1130 am

Directions - Put in: Alligator Park

Alternate Put in West Provo River Trailhead (you can put in either location and paddle to the opposite one and back)

Cost - Free - no permits

Activity -

Canoe Provo River - Paddle 1 mile downstream from Alligator Park to bridge past West Provo River Trailhead (this bridge is the beginning of Utah Lake State Park). We loved checking out the swallow nests under the bridge. Return the same direction. Takes about 1- 1 1/2 hrs total. We stopped for lunch at the West Provo River Trailhead for a longer trip (there is one picnic table). This part of the river is flat water because the Provo River has been redirected up stream to create a delta further north, so Utah Lake has filled in the dry riverbed making a beautiful river with no current. Birds chirp in the morning and you may see owls at night! No bathrooms at either trailhead. Dogs allowed.

Gear - Thin T-shirt, thin long-sleeve shirt, fleece, rain jacket, shorts or hiking pants, running shoes or sandals, 1 L water bottles, snacks, small backpack/drybag, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, binoculars, first aid kit, canoe, paddles, lifejacket

Rent - BYU Outdoor - $25 canoe/day

UVU Outdoor Adventure Center - $30 canoe/day

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