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Deer Creek Reservoir Hike 2/25/21

Peaceful walk surrounded by stunning 360 mountain and lake views

Drive: I-15, 800 N Orem, Provo Cyn 189, left just before you cross over the reservoir dam. Google Map "Deer Creek Dam Reservoir Trailhead". Parking lot with bathrooms.

Dogs - Yes

Kids - All ages. Flat dirt path that parallels the railroad tracks and follows the reservoir shoreline. Some off shoot trails that take you on a moderate hill hike with reservoir views.

Activities: Alltrails lists hike as "Deer Creek Trail". Also great for running, beginner mountain biking spring, summer, fall, e-biking and beginner cross country skiing Dec. - Feb. depending on snowfall where you can just ski or snowshoe the flat next to the tracks. Not a busy hike. Have been 3 times in last month and run into 1 small group 1 time (mid-week) so great for some solace or a relaxed walk with friends or family on a Sunday afternoon with less crowds than Vivian Park/Bridal Veil walkway.

15 mile out n' back (7 1/2 to end then 7 1/2 back) so just go the distance your time allots and head back to the parking lot. Recommend parking at the "Deer Creek Dam Reservoir Trailhead"-Google Maps, parking lot because it is free. You can park on the oppostie side that starts at Soldier Hollow, Midway but you will need to pay a fee or have State parks Pass. Entire trail takes you the length of the reservoir and back again. Non-technical trail with mid-hike some steeper ups and downs to give you a workout. Elevation gain 1,318 ft.

This trail can be windy as it is at the mouth of the canyon and summer months watch for rattlesnakes and wear a hat/sunscreen as there is no shade.

I love it for a peaceful easy walk fall- spring with my family, friends and dog,

a place to skip stones with great views away from it all.

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