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Guide Conf - Backpacking 3/25/22

Drive: I-15 south, east 400 S Springville exit, rt Canyon Rd up Hobble Creek cyn, pullout on rt past "Cherry" Campground. Trailhead


Reviewed 10 essentials

Purify Water (Lifestraw, MSR pump filter, Sawyer gravity filter)

Start Stoves (MSR Pocket Rocket, Jetboil)

Cook (dehydrated meals - Mountain House, dried packaged meals you make)

Bonus items (neoprene booties)

Gear: if you have them - backpacking stove, fuel, water purifier, water bottle, lighter, backpacking pots/silverware


8am - 10 Essentials

830am - purify water

900 am - stoves/cooking

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