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Rappelling - Battlecreek Falls 4/30/22

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Best place to learn to rappell with a small hike to a waterfall.

Sample Itinerary -


Rappelling – 9-Noon

Directions - Battle Creek Falls Trailhead, Pleasant Grove

Activity -

Rappelling - Hike up 0.6 miles to the waterfall. To access the bolts for the rappels, hike the trail above the falls and look for 4 sets of bolts to the left of the trail above the falls. We love the left two rappels for beginners and the one closest to the falls for intermediates and those who don't mind getting wet. The 4th set of bolts is behind the small tree to the rt. You can rappel the waterfall itself with a sling anchor off a tree above but make sure you wear a helmet and wetsuit. Also, the rt side of the falls have a smaller tree that you can anchor off as well which is great for top roping ice climbing in the winter.

Gear - Harness (can rent), climbing helmet (can rent - can use ski helmets but not bike helmets), leather gloves, thin T-shirt, thin long-sleeve shirt, fleece, rain jacket, shorts or hiking pants, running shoes or boots, 1 L water , 2-4 snacks, small backpack, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, first aid kit.

Rentals -

Harness: $5/day (BYU Outdoors Unltd); $17 (BYU Outdoors Unltd)

Helmet: $4/day (BYU Outdoors Unltd); $4/day (UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

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