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Rappelling - Dixie Rock, St George 1/27/24


             9-11 am - set up and rappell NE rappell

            11-1 pm - set up and rappell Dixie face

 Drive: South parkinglot, Pioneer Park, St George


              NE corner: 3 bolts over a 30 ft rounded cliff (great for beginners)

              S side: 3 sets of 2 bolts over a 45 ft sharp overhang (difficult)

              SW side above DIXIE: 4 sets of 1 ft rebar cemented into stone with 2 small bolts

                       north of two of them, 45 ft (moderate, white paint is slippery - used a girth hitch with

                       webbing for the rebar anchor)


Gear: Harness, helmet, rappell device, locking carabiners, leather gloves, 30 ft webbing, 65 m static rope, quad anchor, totem - jester set up

Rentals: Harness ($5 BYU Outdoors Unlimited); Helmet ($4 BYU Outdoors Unlimited, $4 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

NE rappell

South Rappell

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