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Backpacking - Grand Cyn Rim to Rim (North to South) 9/3-6/23



Carpooling - 7:30 am - drive to South Rim (about 8 hours)

Make Camp - 4:00 pm - North Rim Campground (reserve in advance)


Break Camp - 5:00 am

Hike North Rim to Bright Angel Campground - 5am-

Make Camp at Bright Angel (need permit)

Sunday -

Break Camp - 5:00 am

Hiking back up to South Rim via the Bright Angel Trail (about 9 miles) and then head home - 5:30 am - 3-4pm

Drive Home - about 11:30 pm


Entrance - North Kaibab Trailhead , North Rim Trailhead

Exit - Bright Angel Trailhead , South Rim Trailhead

Activity: Backpack North Kaibab Trailhead (North Rim) to Bright Angel Trailhead (South Rim) - mile point-to-point trail near South Rim, Arizona. Generally considered a challenging route. We backpacked down 7.2 miles to Bright Angel Campground to camp. The following morning, we hiked up the Bright Angel Trail 9.4 miles. This trail gets VERY hot and is VERY steep.

Cold on the North Rim will need a sleeping bag and layers. In the Canyon it is hot. Clean water may or may not be available on the trail. Bring a water filter! Lots of salty snacks and electrolytes are essential. Hiking poles are so helpful especially for hiking up/out. If you visit Ribbon Falls, water shoes/sandals are helpful to cross the creek.


Car Shuttle - takes about 4 hr one way from north rim to south rim. You can hire a shuttle for $120 per person. There is also a ride share option. If you can't find a shuttle option, do the South Rim to South Rim option.

Gear: Thin T-shirt, thin long-sleeve shirt, fleece jacket/puffy coat, beanie, rain jacket, shorts or thin hiking pants, running or hiking shoes, water shoes, 3L of water, water filter (can rent), 8-10 snacks/day, 65+ liter backpack with waist belt, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, first aid kit, thin sheet/liner for sleeping, sleeping bag, sleeping pad (can rent), tent (can rent), headlamp, pj's, toiletries, dehydrated or backpacking meals,(dinner, BF, lunch, dinner, BF, lunch) cooking stove, mess kit, compass, hiking poles. Layers are a must! Temps range from 40's on the North Rim to 100 at the bottom of the canyon.

Rentals (for 2 days):

Tents (2 man - $13, 4 man - $22 BYU Outdoors Unlimited; 2 man - $14, 4 man - $18 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Sleeping bags (0 degree - $22, 30 degree - $22 BYU Outdoors Unlimited; 0 degree - $14, 30 degree - $10 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Sleeping pads (thermarest - $9 BYU Outdoors Unlimited, $8 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Backpacks (85 liter - $12 BYU Outdoors Unlimited; 65 liter - $14 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Stove with fuel ($8 BYU Outdoors Unlimited; $8 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Mess kit ($8 BYU Outdoors Unlimited; $10 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Water Filter ($6 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

North Rim to Ribbon Falls

Hike out to South Rim

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