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Cross Country Skiing - Albion Basin Trail (Guide Conference) 4/17/21

Short and simple snow-packed road for beautiful views and trying new techniques.

Drive: I-15 north, east 9000 s, up Little Cottonwood Cyn to Alta Ski Resort at the end of the road, upper parking lot. Meet at the east end of the parking lot. Trailhead


Cross Country Skiing Clinic - 2 miles total. Start at the Albion Basin Rd. Discuss sizing skiis and putting on poles. Demo double poling, diagonal stride, and gliding. Ski up trail to uphill section at bend in road. Demo herringbone, side-stepping uphill techniques. Ski to top of road where road meets Sunnyside runs, above yurt. Demo wedge downhill technique. Ski back to trailhead. (make sure snow is soft and not icy)

Gear: Cross country classic skiis, poles, boots, short and long sleeve synthetic shirt, liner pants, ski pants, fleece jacket, rain/wind jacket, gloves, hat, goggles, sunscreen

Rentals: Cross country ski package ($11 BYU Outdoors Unlimited, $10 UVU

Outdoor Adventure Center, $20 Alta)

Sample Itinerary:

2 - 230 pm - Review ski techniques and uphill technique

230-330 pm - Ski to top of route

330- 4 pm - Ski down

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