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Hiking - Frary Peak, Antelope Island 1/13/2022

The highest summit on Antelope Island!

Where the buffalo, porcupine and antelope play. Winter is when to go to Antelope - no bugs! This peak is great in the winter because it has full sun exposure so slim on snow and avalanche danger is very low. 360 lake and mountain views the majority of this steep hike. I love this trail, you just feel so free and away from it all.

Directions - I-15 north, Exit 332 Antelope Drive to Antelope Island. Frary Peak Trailhead

Cost - Permits: Entrance fee - $15/car or $2 with State Parks Pass (road use fee) *we will carpool to save on this cost.

Activity -

Hiking Frary Peak - 7.4 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located on the east side of Antelope Island. 7.4 Miles. Elevation gain: 2,349 ft. Bathroom at the trailhead parking lot. Cell service majority of the time. First hike up a steep paved road for 1 mi. then levels off to a lookout. Next .5 mi is steep, and then levels out until about 1.3 mi. in. Last half mile is a little precarious and very narrow. You'll be on the side of the mountain on loose gravel and climbing over rocks. Most of the trail is not technically hard, but does have a near constant elevation gain. Absolutely breathtaking views at the top. Even though the trail is at times technical, I find it incredibly serene and peaceful. Trail Report

Gear- Yak tracks/Spikes, Snowshoes/poles (weather depending-can rent), gaiters (optional - can rent), (NO COTTON) thermal top and bottom, wool socks or just not cotton socks, snow pants, long sleeve fleece, light waterproof jacket, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camelback or regular back pack (with space remaining to shove clothes in when you get too warm), 2 Liters water, packed lunch, 6 snacks, WATERPROOF boots or non-waterproof boots/shoes and also rent "overshoes".

Rentals - Snowshoes: $10 (UVU- includes poles and overboots or $8

only snowshoes); $10 (BYU Outdoors Unltd); $10

(Out N’ Back in Orem)

Overshoes: $4 (UVU Outdoor Adventure); $5 (BYU Outdoors


Poles: $4 (Out N Back); $5 (BYU Outdoors Unltd)

Gaiters: cover ankles from getting snow $3 (BYU Outdoors


Itinerary -

Lehi - 7:30 am (Emily's 1482 W 300 S)

Springville - 700 am (Marilyn's 433 N 700 W)

Trailhead - 9am

Hike - 9am-2pm

Home - 4pm

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