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Ice Climbing - Stairway to Heaven 2/27/21

Where sheer madness became sheer exhilaration.

Drive: I-15, 800 N. Exit, Provo Canyon, Bridal Veil Falls Picnic Park. Ice dependent. Trailhead not marked. It is located where the Provo River Trail converges with the Bridal Veil Falls Picnic trail. See bench, directly in front of you sitting on the bench facing south is trailhead. Map to Stairway to Heaven Trailhead:

Trip led by 12 Fingers Adventures and Guided by Dan Christopherson and Mike. Mt Mamas given a discount of $70 per person to climb. Originally $130. We all felt like the price for the experience was incredibly worth it.


Ice Climbing.

Hike from the trailhead required to get to the ice wall. Very steep and difficult 1 mile straight up hike. Due to dangerous icy conditions wore ice climbing crampons on the hike. Set up 3 separate anchors on preexisting anchor points. Top rope belays.

Rental Gear:

Provided by 12 Fingers Adventure: Climbing Helmet, Climbing Harness, 2 Ice Axes per person. Rent on your own: Ice climbing boots & Ice climbing crampons Required.

Where to rent? No place in Utah County as of this report but in SLC:

*U of U Outdoor Adventure: Ice Climbing Boots $16/day (Check return hours. Have been closing at Noon on Saturday and then open again Sunday 8am-4pm but would have charged 2 days so to keep a 1 day charge we opted to go with....

*REI of Salt Lake: Ice Climbing Boots - $30. Ice Climbing Crampons $15.

Note - Ice Climbing Crampons are NOT ice cleats nor winter trail crampons, you absolutely need special ice climbing crampons.

Packing List:

(NO COTTON) thermal top and bottom, wool socks or just not cotton socks,

Snow pants (if baggy the feet you need to wear, 1) gaiters (optional - can rent BYU $3 ) OR 2) use electrical tape to peg your pants - point is to prevent large blades on ice crampons from shredding your snow pants or cause you to stumble on the rock.)

Long sleeve fleece, light waterproof jacket,

Gloves - 1) Thick waterproof large gloves for warmth. 2) Climbing gloves - preferred leather or waterproof material you can grip an axe well with.

Snow hat/beanie that can fit under a climbing hat (no pom poms), ski goggles - (ice shards fly in your face and you'll want eye protection) , sunscreen, camelback or

regular back pack (with space remaining if you need to shove clothes in). Warm puffy thick coat for when sitting in cold for hours waiting for your turn.

2 Liters water, 3-4 snacks Sample Itinerary:

7 am - Put on harnesses, boots, helmets, in parking lot. Crampons at trailhead.

7:30 am - Hike up to Stairway to Heaven

8 am - set up routes

9 am - 12 pm - Climb (group of 9, 3 routes, everyone climbs on each route)

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