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Kayaking Lake Powell, Lone Rock 9/11/21

Beautiful flat water to large monolith and slot canyons to explore.

Directions - Put in - Lone Rock Beach, Page, Arizona (sandy beach - MUST have all wheel or 4 wheel drive to access lower beach area - pit toilets)

Activity -

Kayak Lone Rock - up to 5 miles kayaking with 1+ mi slot canyons to explore. Put in from Lone Rock Beach. Kayak left and behind Lone Rock about 1 hr. Continue on ahead and explore canyons (we were there for low water so did not have access to canyons). Hike up about 1 hr to the slot canyon areas and then head back. Kayak back the way you came. Trip Report.

Jetski - Rent jetski at Wawheep Marina ($375 / day)

Paddleboard - Paddle to Lone Rock

Gear - Thin T-shirt, thin long-sleeve shirt, fleece, rain jacket, shorts or hiking pants, running shoes or sandals, swimming suit, 2 L water bottles, snacks, small backpack/drybag, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, first aid kit, kayak (sit inside or sit on top - sit on top is best for beginners), paddle, life jacket

Rent - BYU Outdoor - $25 single touring kayak/day; Paddleboard $30/day

UVU Outdoor Adventure Center - $20 double kayak/day; Paddleboard $20/day

Kayak Lake Powell - $30 single, $45 double kayak; Paddleboard $45/day

Lake Powell Paddleboards and Kayaks $55 single, $70 double kayak; Paddleboard $65/day

Sample Itinerary -

Arrive and prep at beach - 30 min (8-830 am)

Kayak around Lone Rock and up canyons- 2 hrs (830-1030am)

Hike up canyon - 1-2 hr (1030-1130 am)

Kayak back to beach - 1-2 hr (1130-130pm)

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