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Kayaking - Shoshone Falls 8/18-19/23

Updated: Jan 9



8:00 am - Carpool

12:30 pm - Lunch at Dierkes Park (swim and see Shoshone Falls from above)

2:30 pm - Drive to Blue Heart Springs

3:30 pm - Kayak/Paddleboard Blue Heart

5:30 pm - Leave for 1000 Springs Campground

6:30 pm - Set up camp then Dinner in Hangerman


7:45 am - Drive to Centennial Park

8:45 am - Centennial Park AWOL Trailer for check in

9:00 am - Boat Tour Group heads out

9:30 am - Hard Core Groups heads out

1:00 pm - Boat Tour Group comes back

2:00 pm - Hard Core Group returns

2:30 pm - Drive home (dinner on own)

Directions: Centennial Waterfront Park, Idaho

Activity: Swimming at Dierkes Park, kayaking to Blue Heart Springs, camp at 1000 Springs Campground, and kayak from Centennial Park to Shoshone Falls or AWOL Boat Tour and then kayak to falls

Gear: swimsuit, sunscreen, long sleeve synthetic shirt, water shoes, kayak and/or paddleboard (can rent), tent, sleeping bag, pad, change of clothes, change of swimsuit/water gear for next day, sunglasses, pillow, potluck food for dinner, brown bag for lunch Sat. own breakfast for Sat. money for dinner meals.


(recommend sit on top tandem if doing advanced route)

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