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Outdoor Painting - International Peace Gardens 7/11/23

Updated: Aug 25, 2023


Carpooling - 8:00 am

Set-Up - 9:00 am - 9:15 am

Paint - 9:15 am - 12:00 pm

Home - 1:00 pm

Drive: International Peace Gardens (enter from the south east), Murray

Parkinglot is south of the entrance.

Activities: Outdoor Painting - Acrylic or watercolor flower painting. We will be finding a beautiful area in the gardens to work on painting close up flowers. There are so many places. We believe it's best to find good, comfortably shade and THEN find something to paint :). The Chinese pagota is fun but detailed.

Watercolor Clinic:

Step 1 - sketch drawing

  • Use HB or B pencil, harder the better, use mitten to keep from rubbing, can trace over online image, grafite rubbing, carbon copy onto nice paper

  • Structure - create framework

  • Gesture - flow of action

  • Symbol of object vs drawing shapes of what you see (Betty Edwards - Drawing with the Right side of the Brain)

Step 2 - Block in colors, light to dark, use water liberally Online courses - Paint crush, Kristy Partridge watercolor Tips:

- Best Cheap Art Store - Blicks, Sugarhouse (best sales are in Sept and Jan - beginning of school semesters) - Paper - Cold (better control) vs Hot (freely bleeds and mixes color) press; Arches paper the best - Paint - Buy Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna first; Magenta/yellow/manganese blue or cobalt blue second (printers colors) - Watercolor pencils - fill in color and add water and move around color - Color - Alizarin crimson and thalo green make great black

Gear: folding chair, easel or chair, 2 water bottles (one for dirty paint water, watercolor paints, pencils/erasers, palate or paper plate, brushes, watercolor paper on board, paper towels/tissues (for cleaning brushes), plastic bag (for garbage), sunhat, sunscreen

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