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Outdoor Painting - Wheeler Farm 8/10/22


9-12 pm - set up and paint

Drive: South Parking Lot, Wheeler Farm, Murray, Utah


Outdoor Painting - Park in the south parking lot. Walk to the large barn (bathrooms inside). On the east side is a path heading north. We went to the end of this path and set up under the big tree so as to have great views of 2 barns, the house and the cows. Each person chose whether to use watercolor or acrylic and thier subject.

Easy Watercolor Painting Lesson - 1) Do a thumbnail (smaller) sketch with pencil and paper first

2) Lightly sketch again the subject in simple outlines on your

watercolor paper at full size

3) Start with a light toned sky. Continue with blocking in light

color areas (make sure the edges are dry or they will bleed

into each other)

4) Add in midtone colors

5) Finish with darker colors and small touches of color

Tips - Great watercolor paper makes a huge difference.

Use an eye dropper for adding small amounts of water to moisten hard water colors

Have tissues on hand for cleaning brushes.

Have a larger cup for rinsing brush (NEVER leave a brush in water)

Add water to an area first, then the color and see what the paint does

Tape edges of water color paper to a firm board for painting

Gear: chair, easel or chair, 2 water bottles (one for dirty paint water, watercolor paints, pencils/erasers, palate or paper plate, brushes, watercolor paper on board, paper towels/tissues (for cleaning brushes), plastic bag (for garbage), sunhat, sunscreen

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