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Pet Photography (Fuzzy Love) - Guardsman Pass, Big Cottonwood Cyn 9/2/22

Come learn how to do pet photography from "Fuzzy Love Pet Photography"


Clinic/photography - 6-8 pm (sunset and dusk)

Directions: Bloods Lake Trailhead, Guardsman Pass Area, Big Cottonwood Canyon(no dogs allowed in Big Cottonwood Cyn outside of vehicle). Meadow at Guardsman Pass area. At trailhead, continue down road until you come to a fork. Stay to the right where you will see a large field with a fence. This is where we will be shooting.


Pet Photography - "Fuzzy Pets" brought thier own dog models and participants were taught many photography tips with dogs.

Tips - Make sure you have the dogs' attension (noise makers, making noise, treats, ball). Also

helps to get a dogs head tilt. Know what motivates the dog, sound or treats.

- If treat motivated, have owner place dog in spot. feed a treat. Get yourself in position

with one hand above you crinkle the treat bag the same time your other hand clicks


- If noise motivated, don’t squeak the toy 100 times. Its effectiveness actually wears off

after 2 sounds so get totally in position before squeaking it twice and shooting like crazy

during those seconds.

- Dawn actually made Hawk noises with her mouth. It was very effective at getting a head


- Not having a background that is super busy (keep it simple - not distracting)

- No direct or harsh light

- Foreground (flowers) helps the photo look interesting. Think about your foreground.

Meaning, if photographing dog in flowers or foliage, set them in front of some, but also

capture some in the foreground with your camera so dog has flowers in front of and all

around them in the picture.

- Blur the background (use portrait or close up setting on camera)

- Eye contact in the photo is key

- Get down at their eye level. Go for sunrise/sunset pics for best lighting.

- Give the dog frequent breaks. Good to let them run around some, but not wear them out

since you still want that light in their eyes.

Contact: Dawn McBride

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