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Rafting - Snake River, Jackson WY 6/23/23

This section of the Snake is largely a flat, wide river with some fun class 1-2 rated rapids, but those are easy to avoid if needed. Professional rafting companies lead this route as their “Family Scenic Float” or “Nature Observation Tour.”

Itinerary: Float this river 6,000-8,000 cfs May-June (lower you get stuck in the shallows frequently) USGS Site

10 am - Drop off shuttle vehicle at Pull Out

1030 am - Arrive at Put In and inflate raft, put on life jackets

11-2pm - Float Snake River (with optional 15 min lunch)

2-3 pm - Arrive at Pull Out and deflate raft while 2 drivers get vehicle at Put In

Directions: Put In - Boat Ramp (near Rendevous Park); Pull Out - Southpark Boat Ramp

Cost: No permit needed if group is smaller than 16

Activity: Rafting Snake River - 13 miles from Boat Ramp to Southpark Boat Ramp. This is the “Family Scenic Float” or “Nature Observation Tour” that is advertised by rafting companies in the Jackson area.

Put In - Inflate your raft (not on the boat ramp but above it to be out of the way of other groups). Bathrooms available. Take raft down the ramp to the water and then pull it up river to under the bridge. Have group get in with front facing out. To hit the main current stay to the LEFT of the center bridge pileon just downstream of put in.

Floating tips - Stay to the main current to avoid the shallows. River braids frequently. We love to just follow another guiding company to make it easier. Usually takes about 2 hours and we take a lunch break at about 1 hr in. No bathrooms on the river. Bald eagles, pelicans, and all sorts of birds. Small, fun class 1-2 rapids mostly on the right side near the end.

*Must be 4 and older to raft

*5 person rafts must each have 3 adults (or responsible older teens, limiting 2 young children per raft). Necessary to navigate raft.

Pull Out - Red bridge at the end of the float. You can pull out river left or right depending on where you parked. Right before the bridge is a nice rapid on river left. Bathrooms available. Large paved parking area as well as dirt pull out.

Shuttle takes about 20 min one way.

Rafting Gear: sandals (NOT flipflops), swimming suit, shorts, synthetic t-shirt (NOT cotton), long sleeve synthetic shirt, rain jacket, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, 2-4 snacks, 1-2 L water (in water bottles NOT camelbaks), waterproof case for camera, raft/kayak (rent), lifejacket (rent), paddles (rent)


5-6 man raft - $60 BYU Outdoors Unlimited includes paddles, life jackets, hand pump and

patch kit; $65 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center includes paddles, life jackets, hand

pump and patch kit; $85 U of U Outdoor Adventures includes paddles, life jackets,

hand pump and patch kit

Throw Bag - $5 BYU Outdoors Unlimited UVU Outdoor Adventure Center

Dry Bag - $6 109 Liters BYU Outdoors Unlimited; $4 small, $7 large UVU Outdoor Adventure

Center; $4 small, $7 large U of U Outdoor Adventures

Electric Pump - $15 BYU Outdoors Unlimited

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