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Rappelling - Red Ledges 8/28/21

Updated: May 24, 2023

Best place for multiple types of rappels including an 80 ft arch! Red rock country in our backyard.

Activity -

Rappelling - There are several great rappel spots here.

Beginner section is straight ahead of the parking lot past the bathrooms about 100 ft and then take a right up a small gully to a boulder about 10 feet high and 30 feet long. There were hand lines hanging off of this. Scramble up boulder to base of 40 ft rappel area with 2 bolted routes and one bolt/tree anchor on the right. Access from the left and then scramble up right to the top.

Moderate to advanced rappel area is straight ahead of bathrooms on the left. There are 2 bolted rappels about 30 feet. Access from the backside or scramble up from the front left. The left rappel has a 40 degree slope and causes a swing after going over the edge with significant rope "sawing". The right rappel site is easy.

Advanced rappel off the Arch. This is accessed to the right of the parking lot and around the right side of the arch and up to the left. There is a 20 ft scramble and then 15 ft traverse that is nice to set up with a hand line for those not great at rock climbing. There are 2 sets of bolts at the top of the arch with multiple single bolts for safety lines. This is about 80 ft with mostly a hanging rappel.

Gear - Harness (can rent), climbing helmet (can rent - can use ski helmets but not bike helmets), leather gloves, thin T-shirt, thin long-sleeve shirt, fleece, rain jacket, shorts or hiking pants, running shoes or boots, 1 L water , 2-4 snacks, small backpack, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, first aid kit.

Rentals -

Harness: $5/day (BYU Outdoors Unltd); $17 (BYU Outdoors Unltd)

Helmet: $4/day (BYU Outdoors Unltd); $4/day (UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Sample Itinerary -

Red Ledges picnic area – 9 am

Rappel Beginner area - 1-2 hrs

Rappel Arch - 1-2 hr

Beginner Area


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