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Road Biking - Hobble Creek Cyn 4/16/22

Directions - Trailhead - Wayne Bartholomew Family Park, Hobble Creek Canyon

Route- Out and back up Hobble Creek Canyon. About 20 miles round trip

Split into 4 groups: 1- Crank Queen: I want to do all 20miles up and back down the canyon. I have sufficient experience with road biking. 2- Rockin' Roadie: I want to bike as far as I feel like without any expectations. I have some experience with road biking. 3- Pedal Pushers: I want to learn how to be more efficient and comfortable on a bike. I'll go up the canyon to practice skills. 4- Chain Gang: I just want to go for a ride, I don't care for how long or how far.

Gear - Road Bike (can rent), helmet (can rent), thin T-shirt, thin long-sleeve shirt, bike shorts or yoga pants, biking shoes or running shoes, light jacket, bike repair kit and hand pump (optional but encouraged), 1-2 L water or 2 waterbottles, 3-4 snacks, small backpack, sunscreen, sunglasses, first aid kit.

Rentals (on your own-if you need help picking up a bike note in the registration comments)

Road Bike - $30/day (UVU Outdoor Adventure Center), $35/day (BYU Outdoors Unlmtd)

Helmet - $4/day (BYU Outdoors Ulmtd); $3/day (UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Itinerary - (coordinate carpooling on your own)

Ride - 7:30 am - 10:00 am

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