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Slot Canyon - Sulfur Creek, Capitol Reef NP 6/11/22

FLASH FLOOD DANGER - do not hike when rain or flash floods could be present

Itinerary -

Trailhead- 930 am

Hike - 10-2pm

Directions - Entrance - Sulfur Creek Trailhead, Capitol Reef NP; Exit - Capitol Reef Visitors Center, Capitol Reef NP

Cost - FREE - just outside the national park

Activity -

Hike Sulfur Creek - 6.5 mile moderately trafficked one way trail just outside Capitol Reef NP. Enter at parking area just west of Chimney Rock Trailhead. Trail winds south east through dry riverbeds (sandy trails will sometimes short cut). About 45 min to confluence with Sulfur Creek and where you hit small stream. Continue downstream (east). First waterfall (10 ft) was about 2 hr from trailhead and you scramble to the RIGHT and drop down about 3 feet. Second waterfall (20 ft) is another 10 min further. Go RIGHT and along the rock wall, behind a boulder and down a hole. After, there were 2 areas where you had to wade in chest deep water before the third waterfall but you could easily avoid it by walking on the sides. Was another 1 1/2 hr further to the last and final waterfall (about 4-8 ft). You can slide down this one with little difficulty. You walk downstream a little bit before heading left out of the riverbed and onto a sandy trail that leads back to the Visitors Center. Trail Report.

Gear - Hiking pants/shorts, T-shirt, long sleeve shirt, light jacket, daypack with waistbelt, dry bag (optional), 2 L water, 5-7 snacks, sunglasses, baseball hat, running shoes/hiking sandals, first aid kit, headlamp

First Waterfall

Second Waterfall

Walk to Third Waterfall

Third Waterfall

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