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Snowshoeing - Donut Falls, Big Cottonwood Cyn 3/5/24

Updated: May 14

Sample Itinerary:

Hike - 10:00 am - 12:30 am (optional stop to eat donuts in the waterfall cave)

Directions: Donut Falls Winter Trailhead, Big Cottonwood Cyn


Hike/Snowshoe Donut Falls - 3.2 miles round trip (winter with gate closed - 0.5 mile paved road, 0.25 mi dirt/snow road to summer trailhead noted by bathroom), 1.5 miles round trip (summer - trail starts south of  bathrooms, follow trail signs through forest. The gorge before the falls has high danger of rock fall or avalanche. Check forcast before entering gorge. Best with donuts at the falls :) All Trails Trip Report

Bathrooms - flushing at the trailhead

Cell Phone Service - trailhead only

Dogs - no, watershed


  • We love to eat donuts in the waterfall cave

  • Check the avalanche forcast before entering the gorge - it is a terrain trap. Many just stop before the gorge and enjoy the meadow - but you will not be able to see the falls.

  • Falls are generally only visible when you scramble up the rockslide/stream area and into the cave.

  • Micro spikes are best for climbing this area. Take off for the slide down.

  • We HIGHLY recommend NOT going above the falls and looking down into the hole. Many people have slipped in with significant injury (same in summer)

Gear: Snowshoes/micro spikes (weather permitting), waterproof boots, waterproof pants, long sleeve shirt, long sleeve fleece, light waterproof jacket, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camelback or regular back pack, 1-2 Liters water, 3-4 snacks

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