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Banff, Canada - Bow Valley Parkway Drive 8/4/22

Don't miss this alternate drive on the Icefield Parkway between Banff and Lake Louise


10 - 11 am - drive with photo stops

Directions: Start at this turnoff after leaving Banff.


Drive Bow Valley Parkway - 31 miles one way drive from Banff to Lake Louise. Can do in either direction. (We love to do this drive in the morning or evening to look for bears or on the way back from Lake Louise or Johnston's Canyon.) Also an awesome road or e-bike ride. No services. Don't miss these viewpoints:

Backswamp Viewpoint - overlooking Bow River with views of mountains (pictured above)

Morants Curve Viewpoint - same as above with possible train photos as they come around

the bend (pictured below)

photo courtesy of Bryan Fischter

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