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Banff, Canada - Canoeing/Hiking Lake Moraine 8/2/22


3 am - Arrive at Lake Morraine parking lot and rest until sunrise OR

7 am - ROAM bus shuttle from Banff to Lake Morraine (1 hr to Lake Louise and 20 min shuttle to

Lake Morraine - MUST have Super Pass to get to Lake Morraine from Lake Louise)

9-10 am - Canoe Morraine Lake ($100 US for 3 person canoe 1 hr at Morraine Lake

Hotel or bring your own kayak/paddleboard


9-11 am - Valley of the 10 Peaks to Eiffel Lake hike - 7.6 mi round trip to small lake surrounded

by peaks

11-12 pm - Hike north around Lake Morraine - 2 mi round trip flat dirt trail

12 pm - Take shuttle or drive to Lake Louise - 20 min (VERY difficult to find parking $12.25 - can park at Lake Louise Park and Ride and take shuttle up - need reservations

Banff High School, ROAM shuttle bus terminal to Lake Moraine

Cost: Shuttle - $25 ROAM ticket with Super Pass to get from Lake Louise to Lake Moraine

Canoe Rental - $100 for 3 person/hr (really is a 2 person) canoe


Canoeing Lake Moraine - Rent from Moraine Lake Hotel (Opens 9 am - at the kiosk down by the

lake next to the canoes - if weather is bad, they will not go out. There is a line, so get there

early. Or throw in your own kayak or paddleboard for free anytime. Start from the dock or

the north shore near the hotel. Paddle west to the edge of the lake and back. Best photos

are at sunrise with the 10 peaks behind you.

Hike North Shore of Lake Moraine - 2 mi round trip along north shore 1/2 way round to a river

entering the lake and back. There is a cable crossing the braided river so you can continue

on, but it looked like no one really can go around the whole lake. Flat dirt trail.

Hike Rock Pile - 1/2 mile round trip. Starts south of parking lot and heads up steep and rocky to

amazing photo spot of entire lake and 10 peaks. DONT MISS.

Hike Valley of the 10 Peaks to Eiffel Lake - 7.6 mi round trip to small lake surrounded

by peaks. Trip Report

Gear: hiking pants/shorts, long sleeve or short sleeve shirt, long sleeve fleece, light waterproof jacket, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camelback or regular back pack, 1-2 Liters water, 3-10 snacks, shoes/boots

Canoeing/Kayaking Lake Moraine

Hiking North Shore

Rock Pile Hik

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