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Caving - Mammoth Caves 7/15/23

Great easy cave you can stand up in with some smaller spots at the end for the adventurous.


Hike to Cave - 5 min

Explore Cave - 1 hr

Directions: Mammoth Cave, Duck Creek

Activity: 100 ft to mouth of the main entrance. Climb down and through the gate. Large lava tube for about 300 ft that you can stand in, which becomes smaller and muddier and ends in 2-3 small exits. Most people just check it out with no helmet and a phone flashlight, though good cave etiquette is best with a helmet, gloves and at least 3 sources of light. All Trails Trip Report

Gear: Helmet, headlamp, small flashlight. Clothes you are ok to get dirty - Hiking pants or old jeans, synthetic t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, light waterproof jacket (optional), camelback or regular back pack, water bottle, snack, hiking boots/running shoes, gloves (optional), change of clothes,

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