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Caving - Goshute Caves 11/19/22

The easiest cave with the best reward!


Carpooling - 8:00 am

Trailhead - 12:00 pm (adjust for Nevada time so also 11:00 am)

Hike to Cave - 11:00 am - 11:30 am

Explore Cave - 11:30 am - 5:30 pm

Head Home - 11:00 pm

Directions: Goshute Cave Trail Head

Activity: On the drive out, we stopped at the Salt Flats Exit for a quick break with a cool view before getting gas in Wendover and heading to the cave.

Hiking from the parking area to the cave entrance is a steep 30 minute hike. You can see a huge black grotto north west from the parking area. The cave entrance is down left of the grotto behind the juniper tree. There's a small rock about 20 ft climb at about 45 degree slope at the very end of the hike. You will need to bring a handline or rope in case the current one is gone. First member will need to free climb up and then anchor off a juniper at the top. At the start of the hike, there's a map of the cave, which is extremely helpful because the cave is extensive. It's important to note that there's no cell service or bathrooms at the cave.

Once in the cave, the first chamber is very dusty. Masks recommended. Head left to the Ballroom and explore. The second left will take you to the rappel/rock climbing area that ends in the Grand Room. There are bolts at the top and sometimes an old rope. About 30 ft up and 45 ft down the other side. The rest of the cave is a main chamber heading downhill with small offshoots. Mostly standing room with occasional crawl-throughs. Beautiful formations - wear gloves and don't remove anything from the cave!

Gear: Helmet, headlamp, small flashlight, extra batteries, (3 sources of light) knee pads. Clothes you are ok to get dirty - Hiking pants or old jeans, synthetic t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, light waterproof jacket (optional), camelback or regular back pack, 2 Liters water, 3-4 snacks, brown bag lunch, first aid kit, hiking boots/running shoes, face mask for dust when entering cave, gloves (leather is best), change of clothes, baby wipes, $ for dinner in Wendover, $ for gas chip in.

Notes: You will want knee pads and a helmet!!

Hike up


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