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Dutch Oven Cookoff - Big Springs Park 10/8/22

2nd Annual Dutch Oven Cookoff!!

Directions: Big Springs Hollow upper parking-lot. There are 3 Pavilions with standing grills available for reservations online or head up the trail north of the upper parking lot for simple fire rings.


Dutch Oven Cookoff - Fill chimney 1/2-3/4 full easy-light briquettes, place paper towel under chimney and light. Briquettes should light and wait until briquettes are becoming white. Place amount under dutch oven. Put in food for cooking. Set on lid and place additional briquettes on top. Cook. Serve. We had a family bring a large propane grill and fried up scones too.

Gear: Dutch oven, leather glove, lighter, chimney, paper towel, easy-light briquettes, food for cooking, lawn games.


3:30 pm - Big Springs Hollow Park - begin cooking/play/hike

5:30 pm - Dinner

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