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E-Biking - Snow Canyon SP, St George 1/27/24

Updated: May 14

Sample Itinerary:

10-1230 pm - E-Biking

Directions: Snow Canyon E Bike Rentals, St George

Cost: State Parks Pass - Cyclists - $5 for 4 people. Can pay ahead using QR code

          E-Bike Rental - $59/4 hr (reserve online ahead of time)


E-Bike Snow Cyn Loop - Start at Snow Canyon E-Bike shop. A smooth paved biking/pedestrian trail that is triangular in shape. On one side, it traverses from the bottom to the top of Snow Canyon State Park. On the next side, it travels fairly straight, with some rolling ups and downs with steeper spots along the Veyo highway (highway 18). The third side circles back along the north border of St. George along the Snow Canyon Parkway. The trail is smooth and paved, however there are a few steep grades (both up and down) that are best taken slowly.

We recommend you travel the loop in a clockwise manner, starting from our rental location and traveling from the South Entrance of Snow Canyon, up through the canyon, and continuing through the North Entrance of Snow Canyon. This allows you to experience Snow Canyon State Park traveling up the canyon in a more slow-paced experience and then travel downhill along the highway along the path.

Gaia Route (must have Gaia app downloaded)


  • Love renting from Snow Canyon E-Bike because they are right at mouth of canyon. Tim and Shelly own it, they are on call to help you the entire time of your ride. They can be to where you are at anytime 10 min from anyplace on the route to switch you out bikes. (Never needed but great to know it is an option. 

  • Use right, rear brake when coming down gravel West Canyon trail. 

Gear: E-bike, helmet, running shoes, 2 waterbottles in backpack (most bikes don't have bottle holders), bike repair kit (patches, 3 bike levers, spare tube, pump - if you have them or rental company gives you one)


Snow Canyon E Bike Rentals - open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm closed Sundays

Adult Cruiser - $59/4 hr

BYU Outdoors

Adult Cruiser - $40/day

UVU Adventure Center

Adult Cruiser - $50/day

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