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Hike/Bike - Fifth Water Hot Springs 4/14/2022

Hit this amazing hot springs in the winter!

Directions: Fifth Water Hot Springs, Diamond Fork Cyn, Spanish Fork Cyn (NOTE - road is closed in the winter - around Nov to about May - before the trailhead making it a 7 mile hike round trip)

Activity - Bike/Hike/Hotsprings

Hike to Fifth Water hot springs - Bike the 3.8 miles one way out and back to the Fifth Water Trailhead. Locked up bikes at gate at the Trailhead. Start at dirt parking lot with bathroom and pass east through gate. Continue straight on trail until it bends to the left (north) and hike gradually uphill about 1 mile to bridge. The trail crosses the bridge going right (east) for another mile gradual incline to hot springs. There are several high dirt cliff areas with narrow trail. There are about 6 pools below the waterfall and 3 above the waterfall (hike to the left of the falls and then take your first right to access). The lower pools are more cloudy blue and the upper are more a clear green with some stonework. There are holes in the bottom of most pools to put in a rag or something to regulate how much cold water from the river comes in.

**With the drought this year, there is no river water to cool the pools, so everyone is sitting in the riverbed and have made many more pools as the hot spring water makes it's way down.

Gear - Bike, thick pants, bike helmet, gloves, swimming suit, hand towel, synthetic T-shirt, long sleeve synthetic top, light waterproof jacket or coat, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camelback or regular back pack with waist belt, 2 Liters water, 3-4 snacks, first aid kit, hiking boots/running shoes or sandals, micro spikes, bike, helmet & bike lock

Fun bonuses: portable changing station, water shoes separate from your hiking shoes (pools are slippery/rocky/muddy and nice to change into dry socks, shoes and clothes after), hand towel, chocolate or a treat for yourself while you soak, a pom pom winter hat (just fun for winter hot springs pics).

Itinerary -

Trailhead ( winter gate ) - 9am

Bike in - 30 min

Hike in - 1 hr

Soak - 1-3 hr

Hike out - 45 min

Bike out - 30 min

Home - 230pm

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