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Hiking - Mt Nebo 6/226/21

This peak is just like Mt Timp, but with almost half the length. Wildflowers, incredible views, steep slopes, and an epic ridgeline.

Directions: Nebo Loop, Payson. North Peak Trailhead. Bathrooms at paved parking lot. Drive 1/4 mile dirt road north to true trailhead.


Hike Mt Nebo - 9.3 mile out and back difficult hike with optional glissade. Beautiful mountain flowers and incredible views. Will take about 6-10 hours. Start at the North Peak Trailhead and head west along the fenceline. Follow the trail up through a large basin and to the ridgeline. This crosses to the right of the first peak and down to the saddle before climbing steepy to North Peak. The ridgeline hike/climb becomes rocky with significant exposure but can be easily walked with some scrambling below the summit. There is generally an upper and lower path along the ridgeline. 3,572 ft elevation gain. Trail Report.

Glissading - Usually in June we find snow fields on the north side of North Peak and north side of the first basin.

Gear: tshirt,long sleeve shirt, fleece, waterproof jacket, hiking pants (no jeans), hiking boots/shoes, daypack with waistbelt, 3-4L water, 10-12 snacks, lunch, first aid kit, sunscreen, hat


Mountaineering Axe ($5 BYU)

Trekking poles ($5 BYU)

Sample Itinerary:

North Trailhead (follow jeep road as noted on All Trails) - 730 am

Hike - 8am-2/6 pm

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