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Indoor Shooting - Couples Date Night - 8/13/22

Remember how you are awesome at Nintendo's Duck Hunt gun shooter game & Toy Story Midway Mania at California Adventure? This takes shooting to a whole new, super-skilled, level!

Couple's Beginner Date Night Pistol Course

Limit 2 people per 1 hr session

Individualized Attention.


Indoor Shooting - 1 hour private time slot of your choice, starting at 10 am and last slot at 9pm. You will duke it out with a friend or your honey and see who is boss behind the firearm. You can opt for target practice or most intense real-life scenarios teaching how to decipher when to shoot or not. Same videos the police force use for training.

Course is being taught by Robert Marshall.

About the Instructor: Owner Confident Shooters LLC. 5 yrs. NRA youth team. US Navy 6 yrs. California Hwy Patrol range officer 8 yrs. FBI SWAT Team. Certified close quarter combat instructor. 300 combat use force entries. NRA certified. Mt Mama Rebecca Marshall's husband.


Instructor Fee - Discount for Mt Mamas ($80 Value)

Indoor Range - electronic simulator - Free

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