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Snowshoeing/Sledding - Jolley's Ranch 1/28/21

We were total kids on this trip. Who doesn't want a day of laser tagging, snowshoeing & sledding? Did you know Jolley's Ranch up Hobblecreek Canyon up from Springville used to be a Nordic Center? The snowshoe/cross country ski trails are still there. Sledding is prime with no crowds and awesome family photo spot in front of the white barn.

Drive: I-15, 400 S Springville Exit, Hobble Creek Cyn

So much to do up Hobble Creek Canyon!

Activities up Hobble Creek @ Jolley's Ranch:

Snowshoeing - Jolley's Ranch

Sledding - Jolley's Ranch

Laser Tag/Air Soft/Paintball- Google Map "Lower Airsoft / Paintball Field" Springville, UT

Free to use area. First come first serve. Bring your own gear. See below for details. (We didn't have time but you can also Cross Country Ski, Camping, Hiking & Frisbee Golf)

Gear we recommend packing - Yak tracks/Spikes, Snowshoes/poles (we used only these today, thanks fresh powder) , (NO COTTON) thermal top and bottom, wool socks or just not cotton socks, snow pants, long sleeve fleece, light waterproof jacket, gloves, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, camelback or regular back pack (with space remaining to shove clothes in when you get too warm), 1 Liters water, 1-2 snacks, WATERPROOF boots or non-waterproof boots/shoes and also rent "overshoes", sled.

Rentals (on your own) -

Overshoes: $4 (UVU Outdoor Adventure); $5 (BYU Outdoors Unltd)

Poles: $4 (Out N Back); $5 (BYU Outdoors Unltd)

Gaiters - cover ankles from getting snow $3 (BYU Outdoors Unltd)

Sample Itinerary:

9:30 AM Laser Tag @ Google Maps enter: "Lower Airsoft / Paintball Field" - Hobble Creek Canyon, 1st right into the canyon is the parking lot.

10:15 AM Snowshoe Jolley's Ranch Campground Loop. 10 min drive up canyon. Take a right at the fork in the road after the golf course. (This snowshoe loop is also great for Cross Country Skiing). Park in Jolley's ranch parking lot. See large pavillion. Trail is east on flat wide road through woods. 1.5 mi. round trip.

10:45 AM Snowshoe Camp Creer/White Barn Loop 1 mi round trip, easy. Start by going under large Camp Creer sign at the base of the sledding hill (Walk to large pavillion, look west, see large "Camp Creer" ranch-style sign). Continue past bathrooms on left, straight ahead following path that leads you to creek and goes slightly left. Follow down to creek, cross creek on large rocks, up and out over some logs and there you are in the White Barn meadow (great for Cross Country Skiing). Romp around here and do perimeter/barn pics.

11:00 AM Sledding. See large pavillion from parking lot of Jolley's Ranch. Best sledding hill is to the immediate right or west of this pavillion, and right of the small shed.

Optional - Snowshoe up to water tower. 1 mi out and back. This is a steep cardio climb. See metal gate "no trespassing", up this flat road. (I spoke with Springville Parks & Rec, no trespassing is for vehicles/atvs/horses or vandalism. Ok for small group hiking). We didn't go all the way to water tower.

Jolly's Ranch Snowshoeing

Camp Creer, crossing Hobble Creek & White Barn meadow

Jolley's Ranch Sledding

Love it because when other places are packed, there are only a handful of people here and you can't beat the scenery. Be sure to go to the RIGHT of the large pavillion you see when you pull into the parking lot. There is a shed there that back when this was a Nordic center used to have piles of tubes to rent and hot cocoa for sale. Don't make the mistake of many and sled in front of the pavilion. You will sled into a tree or the creek itself. If you go a bit further to the right of the pavilion and start up at a flat place that is a volleyball court in the summer, you will have bliss filled sledding experience as the hill ends in large berms that keep you out of the creek even if you are cruising. Safe and fun medium hill for all ages.

We were total kids going face first over mini jumps. So many great slo-mo videos!

Laser Tag in the Woods

This is your social distance party solution. Need ideas for a grown up, teen or kid birthday party? Family get together, group date or youth activity? I am telling you, this is where it is at. This is a legit playing field for the National Guard, built by Camp Williams, maintained by the city of Springville and used by pro paintball/air soft teams the state over. You can just pop up there and use it for free. Saturday nights in the summer it is often being used, this is first come first served, but come on a weekday night or day and be the coolest party host around for choosing such a renegade activity. Borrow laser tag/air soft/paintball guns from a friend or neighbor. I am told you can rent at Saints Paintball in Orem & SB Paintball in AF. We bought Laser tag guns as a family for Christmas 2 years ago and it has been a purchase we use often. Site:

We also love to play in Goblin Valley. Today it was a bit icy but majority of the year and awesome out-of-the-box cool option.

Play capture the flag, infection, boys vs girls, adults vs kids, and one on one duels bracket style to see last man or Mt Mama standing!

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