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Mountain Biking Wasatch Crest 9/18/21

THE most scenic mt biking trail along the Wasatch and we love in in fall! You ride from the top of Big Cottonwood Cyn to the top of Millcreek Cyn with killer views the whole time.

Directions - End trailhead - Olympus Cove Park and Ride, base of Millcreek Cyn (this adds 8.5 miles of downhill road riding Millcreek Cyn, but makes for a shorter shuttle)

Entrance trailhead - Wasatch Crest Connect Trailhead, Guardsman Pass, Big Cottonwood Cyn, Utah

Activity -YOU CAN ONLY DO THE FULL RIDE ON EVEN DAYS (Millcreek Cyn upper trail restrictions)

Mt Bike Wasatch Crest - 13 mile intermediate mountain biking ride from the top of big Cottonwood Canyon to the top of Millcreek Canyon. Beautiful fall colors and incredible views. 2 miles up Puke Hill. (we usually walk parts) The rest of the trail goes up and down but generally more down with mostly rocky sections for the first half until Desolation Lake. We usually walk down the rocky ridge (pictured above). Trail then drops into Millcreek and is mostly soft, dirt, singletrack. Set up a shuttle at Guardsman Pass and the base of Millcreek Canyon as stated above. Riding down Millcreek Cyn adds 8 miles for a 21.5 mile ride. Ride Report:

Cost - $6 day use if you park up Millcreek Cyn

Gear - Thin liner pants, biking shorts (optional), thin liner long sleeve shirt , thin liner T-shirt, fleece jacket , waterproof jacket, daypack with waistbelt, full finger biking gloves, 2L water (bladder or water bottles in daypack), 6-8 snacks, sunglasses, running shoes or biking shoes, hand warmers, first aid kit, bike repair kit, knee and elbow pads (optional), Front or Full suspension Mt Bike, helmet

Rentals (on your own)

Mt Bike (Front suspension $30, Full suspension $50 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center/BYU Outdoors Unlimited)

Helmet ($4 BYU Outdoors Unlimited, $3 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Bike Rack (Trunk Rack $12, Hitch rack $20 BYU Outdoors Unlimited)

Sample Itinerary -

Set up Shuttle - 1 hr (8am start)

Trailhead / Ride - 2-4 hr (9-1pm)

Millcreek Cyn ride - 30 min (1:30pm end)

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