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Mt Biking - St George Bear Claw Poppy and Secret Sauce Trails 4/23/22

Best 2 beginner rides in St George!


Bear Claw Poppy Trail Area- 5 mile out and back and loop rides from beginner to advanced. We went up Bear Claw Poppy 2 miles, connected to the downhill only trail and rode back along the base of the bluff. Uphill was mostly gentle uphill flat. Downhill was smooth rolling up and down hills with options for higher hills and drops. Trip Report

Secret Sauce/Claim Jumper - 4 mile loop. We went up from the west and hit the Lower Secret Sauce trail along the top of the bluff and then went down Claim Jumper which was more windy and rocky but beginners did great after warming up on Bear Claw Poppy. Trail Report.

Gear: Mt Bike with Front Suspension (hard tail) (can rent), helmet (can rent), thin T-shirt, thin long-sleeve shirt, shorts or yoga pants, running shoes, elbow and knee pads (optional but encouraged), bike repair kit and hand pump (optional but encouraged), 1-2 L water or 2 water bottles, 3-4 snacks, small backpack, sunscreen, sunglasses, biking gloves. *BEGINNERS - wear pants, biking gloves, and knee/elbow pads for less abrasions from falls

Rentals: Mt Bike (Front Suspension $30, Full Suspension $50 BYU Outdoors Unlimited,

Front Suspension $30 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center; Full Suspension $55 Bicycles Unlimited St George)

Helmet ($4 BYU Outdoors Unlimited, $3 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center)

Itinerary: 2-6 miles total

Drive down

Friday - Carpooling Springville 6pm; Lehi 530pm (housing on your own)

Sat -Carpooling Springville 530am; Lehi 500am

Bear Claw Poppy Trailhead - 9am

Ride 930-1130 pm

Lunch - in town

Secret Sauce/Claim Jumper Trail - 1-3pm

Bear Claw Poppy

Secret Sauce/Claim Jumper

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