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Paddleboarding/Kayaking - North Beach, Bear Lake Retreat 6/24-25/22

Itinerary -


11 am - lunch in Garden City

1-4pm - Idaho Beach time (Kayaking and Paddleboarding Clinics, beach, jetskiing)

4 pm - check into cabin

6pm - dinner

Cost - $15-20 parking pass (get online)

Activity -

Paddleboard/Kayak North Beach - 1 mile of beach. You can drive up near the water in your vehicle. High clearance vehicles recommended due to sand. Note - storms and high winds can come in quickly after Noon or 1 pm. Bring your own water since the café at the far end of the east side of the beach charges $3/bottle.

Paris Ice Caves - FREE. Long drive on dirt road with moderate rockiness. May be difficult for cars.

Bring a light jacket and flashlight. Trip Report

Minnetonka Caves - Open at 10am BUT window for tickets opens at 9am so get there around 8:30 am. Tickets are first come first serve. Tickets $12 adult

Bloomington Lakes - Gate closed until July 1. 1.6 mi out and back. Trail Report

Biking - Just take the paved frontage trail that goes from the bike shop south towards Ideal beach. Make sure your tires look good.

Gear - Thin T-shirts, thin long-sleeve shirts, fleece, rain jacket, shorts or hiking pants, swimming suit, water shoes, running shoes or sandals, 2 L water bottles, snacks, small backpack/drybag, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, first aid kit, Kayak or Paddleboard, paddles, lifejackets

Rent - BYU Outdoor - $25 kayak/day; $30 paddleboard/day

UVU Outdoor Adventure Center - $20 kayak/day; $20 paddleboard/day

Best Restaurants -

La Beau’s original won for best raspberry shake

Zipz - Raspberry Cheesecake Lemon Shake amazing

Café Sabor - was tasty with big portions.

Cody’s Garage - excellent spinach artichoke dip and chocolate cake.

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