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Rafting - Provo River (Guide Conference) 9/3/21

Directions - Take out: Parking area 1 pullout above Vivian Park (rt of tunnel)

Put in: Below Deer Creek Reservoir, rt side of road - put in just below the first bridge

Activity -

Rafting Provo River - 2-2 1/2 hr float with up to Class II rapids. Put in BELOW first bridge. Float river and TAKE OUT before second bridge on rt side and carry over rail road tracks and back into river to float the rest of the river. DO NOT float under these bridges as they have capsized many boats and can be dangerous. You can take out at above take out or Vivian Park.

Guiding Skills - Strokes: Front, Back, Sweeper, Side, modified J-stroke

Navigation: land raft on side of river, turn 360 in raft, navigate Class III rapid

Rescue: Pull someone into boat, throw rescue rope sucessfully

Set up: Set up and take down raft and gear

Gear - thin T-shirt, thin long-sleeve shirt, rain jacket, shorts or hiking pants, swimming suit, running shoes or sandals, 1-2 L water in water bottle, 2-4 snacks, small backpack with strap to buckle onto raft or dry bag, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, first aid kit, Life jacket (will provide) with 5-6 person raft (rent from BYU)

Sample Itinerary -

10 am - Set up Shuttle

11 - 1 pm - Float River

1-2pm - Deflate raft and get shuttle vehicles

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