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Rafting - Moab Daily 7/10/21

Best easy rafting trip in Moab. 1/2 day adventure with 5 class 2-3 rapids!

Directions: Moab Utah, east on Hwy 128 (pit toilets at each location)

Take out - Take Out Beach

(Leave one car at Take Out Beach 10.2 miles up canyon from traffic light; leave all

other vehicles at Lower Onion Creek about 10.6 miles up canyon from Take Out

Beach - shuttle takes about 45 min to retrieve vehicles after float)


Rafting Moab Daily - 6 Class 2-3 rapids on the Colorado River:

Onion Creek rapid (about *5 min after put in; run it center - easy)

Professor Rapid (about 15 min from previous rapid; run it center - easy)

New Rapid (about 20 min from previous rapid; run it center - easy - awesome place to

float in just life jacket when the river turns right after the rapid)

Rocky Rapid (about 25 min from previous rapid; run it left, then right - watch right wall

- moderate when water is higher)

Whites Rapid (about 1 hr from previous rapid; when you see cabins/dock on the left

bank; run it right along the wall, then quick left - moderate)

Salts Rapid (about 45 min from previous rapid; run it left - easy)

about 10 min float from Salts Rapid to Take Out Beach

*times are estimated from 1500 CFPS - at very slow year

Trip Report (start at Lower Onion instead of Hittle Bottom to avoid a flat water 1hr float)

Beach time - Sandy Beach take out (up canyon about 5 min drive from Take Out Beach) -

great place to relax with kids on the river shore with a sandy beach.

Gear: thin T-shirt, thin long-sleeve shirt, rain jacket, shorts or hiking pants, swimming suit, running shoes or sandals - NO FLIP FLOPS, 2 L water in water bottle - NO CAMEL BAKS, 3-4 snacks plus lunch in gallon ziplock bag, dry bag, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, first aid kit., waterproof phone case, raft (rent), lifejackets (rent), paddles (rent), electric pump - essential to pump up from car (rent), hand pump (rent), patch kit (rent), throw bag (rent)


5-6 man raft - $60 BYU Outdoors Unlimited includes paddles, life jackets, hand pump and

patch kit; $65 UVU Outdoor Adventure Center includes paddles, life jackets, hand pump

and patch kit; $85 U of U Outdoor Adventures includes paddles, life jackets, hand pump

and patch kit

Throw Bag - $5 BYU Outdoors Unlimited UVU Outdoor Adventure Center

Dry Bag - $6 109 Liters BYU Outdoors Unlimited; $4 small, $7 large UVU Outdoor Adventure

Center; $4 small, $7 large U of U Outdoor Adventures

Electric Pump - $15 BYU Outdoors Unlimited

Sample Itinerary - *DO NOT ENTER RIVER AFTER 3 PM when the upriver winds pick up

Lower Onion Campground Put-in – 10 am

Take Out Beach - 2 pm (takes 3 1/2 - 5 1/2 hrs)

Shuttle pick up/raft roll up - 3 pm

Moab/Food - 4 pm

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