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Sailing - Lindon Marina, Utah Lake 6/7/23

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

Sample Itinerary:

Sailing and Instruction - 5:00 pm - 7:30pm

Drive: 4400 W Center St, Provo - Drive straight in from the guard booth until you see the “tower building” and the sign that says South Launch Ramp turn left. You will turn left and drive by the first bay. You will then see a brick bathroom and the trailer full of boats to your right.

Cost: Free sailing, parking free with Utah State Parks pass or come 10 min early and park outside gate. Please tip your sailing assistant ($5)!!

Activities: Sunfish Sailboats - Instruction at shore picnic tables and then sailing practice in the marina cove (we will not be out on the main lake). Two or three people per boat. Short debrief with Jim after sailing.

Jim Daniels – Sea Scout Leader


Gear: swimming suit, shirt, pants/shorts, light waterproof jacket, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, 1 liter water, snacks, sandals, fanny pack for your car keys

Sailing Videos: (Knowing all the info and terms is not required – it just provides some background.)

30 min video for beginners:

It’s good to know the sail, the mast, the boom, the line, and the tiller. You need to understand the “dead zone” (pointing into the wind) where the boat will stall.

Three things about the sail:

- If your boat is tipping, the sail is too tight – let the line loose (“when in doubt, let it out”)

- If you are going slow and the sail is “fluffing” – tighten the sail

- If you are not moving, watch other boats that are moving and change your direction to match theirs

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