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Youth Hike - Upper Falls, Provo Cyn 7/1/24

Sample Itinerary:

9-10:30 am - Hike

Directions: Upper Falls Trailhead, Provo Cyn (trailhead only open in the summer - during the winter access from the Bridal Veil falls trailhead and take paved trail east)

Activity: Hiking - Upper Falls - 0.6-0.8 miles round trip. Trail starts at the parkinglot. Cross the bridge over the Provo River and follow paved trail up to the left to meet with the Provo River Trail. Turn rt and take left trail after white trail distance marker, about 20 ft. (If you want to hike straight up to the falls with no switchbacks take the trail that starts after the large boulder about 100 ft on the left from getting on the paved trail). Trail will go straight up to the falls as well, but if you have small youth there are switchbacks on the right that cut back and forth from the straight up trail on the left and the straight up trail on the right. Trail will bring you below the falls. WATCH WATER LEVELS IN SPRING RUNOFF (late May to early or mid - June). All Trails Trip Report

Bathrooms - 1 pit toilet in the summer

Cell Reception - only at trailhead

Dogs - yes

Gear: 1 L water, snacks, hiking shoes, shorts/T-shirt, long sleeve (good when next to the falls), sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, backpack

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