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Banff, Canada - Border Crossings

Crossing the Canadian Border from Montana

Roosville Crossing - Hwy 93 (open 24/7)

Carway Crossing - Hwy 89 (open 8am-6pm)

DelBonita Crossing - Hwy 213 (closed on Sundays/Saturdays; open 9am-5pm)

Adults - Passport or Passport Card / Covid Vaccination Card

Children - under 16 need only present proof of U.S. citizenship: A valid U.S. passport,

passport card, or NEXUS card

If a minor child is travelling with one parent only The parent should present: - the child’s passport

- a copy of the child’s birth certificate, and

- a letter of authorization, in English or French if possible, which is signed by the

parent who is not travelling with them and lists:

- the address and telephone number of the parent who is not travelling, and

- a photocopy of that parent’s signed passport or national identity card.

Upload documents and itinerary with addresses on ArriveCan app 72 hr in advance of

crossing the border

ArriveCan App

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