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Caving - Goshute Cave 10/21/21

Amazing all-day caving trip. See all the formations you imagine up close, for free with no ranger. Perfect for beginners, people who get claustrophobic because it is a cave you can walk around in. Crawling through tunnels is optional. No rope work but yes to soda straws, flow stone, stalactites, stalagmites, bacon, popcorn, in multiple rooms. Straightforward in layout so no getting lost.


Located South of Wendover. We will take I-80 Westbound to Wendover, have a bathroom break then go to the trailhead. Make sure you take the Alt 93 south from Wendover, rt on 93 north to Currie 14.7 miles, left Cherry Creek Rd 9.6 miles (dirt road), White Pine county rd 25, 3.7 miles, rt up very rocky dirt road 1.1 miles to top (will need 4WD for last 1/4 mile) Goshute Cave Trailhead.


Caving Goshute Cave - There is a steep, short hike to the mouth of the cave. Takes about 30-45 min. Follow the trail to the large cavern you can see from the trailhead. The last portion has a 15 ft rock slope which requires a handline tied to a juniper or free-hand scrambling. The cave entrance is located to the left of the cavern. The cave entrance and about 100 ft in has a soft/dusty floor which a mask or handkerchief will help. The main chamber you can stand in and takes you down the main portion of the cave with small tunnels on both sides. At the beginning on the left is a tunnel that leads to an open cavern and at the bottom is a narrow passage of popcorn which can be climbed with rope and rappelled into the Grand Chamber to the left. Trip Report. DO NOT SHINE LIGHTS DIRECTLY AT BATS if you see them. DO NOT TAKE ANY PARTS OF THE CAVE OUT OR BREAK ANY FORMATIONS. DO NOT WRITE YOUR NAME OR HANDPRINTS EVEN IN MUD AS THIS DEFACES THE CAVE. WEAR GLOVES AT ALL TIMES IN CAVE. Trip Report.

Gear - Helmet, headlamp, small flashlight, extra batteries, (3 sources of light) knee pads. Clothes you are ok to get dirty - Hiking pants or old jeans, synthetic t-shirt, long sleeve shirt, light waterproof jacket (optional), camelback or regular back pack, 2 Liters water, 3-4 snacks, brown bag lunch, first aid kit, hiking boots/running shoes, face mask for dust when entering cave, gloves (leather is best), change of clothes, baby wipes, $ for dinner in Wendover, $ for gas chip in.

Sample Itinerary -

Drive to Trailhead - 4 hrs

Trailhead- 11:30 am

Cave Exploration - 12:00 - 4:30 pm

Dinner in Wendover 5:00pm or 6:00pm

Home - 10-11pm

Hike to the Cave

Goshute Cave

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